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A recent analyst study showed that when Sales and Marketing functions are aligned, an organization achieves up to 19% faster revenue growth. 15% higher profitability.

Twelve years ago, we founded The Profiling Labs based on this very principle, bringing together a team of experts from the software & technology sector, combining Corporate Sales, Marketing and Database Management.

That founding team built a Sales and Marketing service suite which has since grown and constantly evolved, and we have grown and evolved alongside it into partner marketing specialists – TPL Digital, consistently building and delivering high performance programs for clients around the world.

Trusted to deliver

Whilst the tactics, tools and buying cycles have changed radically over the last ten years, our founding ethos toward best practice and professionalism remains the same.

For clients, this translates into being able to work with a highly capable and approachable team, who bring with them in-depth know-how combined with the TPL SmartData platform and execution techniques guaranteed to deliver results.

It is thanks to all of our people, and their drive and desire to deliver great work for our clients, that TPL Digital has been identified by the world-leading investment bank Goldman Sachs as one of the UK’s fastest-growing SME companies. We are proud to be part of their SME growth program for fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized businesses across the UK.