You’re growing, and your products or services are beginning to become recognised amongst your target audience. Thankfully, you’re starting to enjoy the taste of success, after what has been no doubt a long, arduous road, of blood, sweat, and tears.

As you grow, however, you become stretched much as any other business does. Your desire to succeed is what drives you to continue. You wish to progress with your current developments and innovations but to do so, you need time.

Time the one thing not on your side.

To maintain your current momentum, you need to commit your focus towards the fundamentals of your business; your products or services.

Now, as I’m sure you’re already aware, committing your resources to pursue developments means that you must relieve resources from other areas, for example, such as lead generation.

So, you’re probably considering whether to bring these functions in-house or whether to outsource and partner with an agency. Well, look no further, as we aim to explore the pros and cons of each and hopefully provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

In houseIn-House

Let’s begin with In-House.

Bringing functions in-house is to conduct an activity or operation internally within your company. Thus, you will look to employ members of staff who can execute such tasks. When we look at bringing operations in-house, there are several internal issues which must be analysed.


  • Lack Experience with an employee – Conducting a recruitment process means the responsibility is placed with yourself or the recruitment team to employ a candidate who has the correct skill set for the job role. If they fail to possess these, you will receive no value to your business
  • Executing recruitment and posting job advertisements can be extremely time consuming – Designing a job role, creating job advertisements and conducting the interview process can be lengthy. Something you may not currently have time to do.
  • Employment Contracts – Another difficulty of bringing a function in-house is the complications that arise when looking to terminate employment due to reasons such as not enough experience. Rights and due process protect employees before termination can take place.


However, despite the drawbacks. There are several benefits to having an in-house lead generation team;

  • Full control over processes – Having in house processes gives the ability to oversee the whole process as it develops.
  • Deep understanding of your brand and product – One significant benefit of bringing functions in-house is that these employees will work intimately within your business, understand your culture and deepen their understanding of your product and target audience, which will arise to your team knowing best.
  • Dedication – Once you have a team that knows what’s best for your business. They begin to become extremely dedicated towards their work and take pride in working for you
  • Communication – Having an in-house team will allow the communication lines between yourself and the senior management team to be much faster than potentially those you have with a third party.

How does this compare to using a lead generation agency?

Outsourcing Outsourcing

Outsourcing a function is sourcing a respective agent that can execute tasks for you.


The benefits of outsourcing an agency;

  • Access to more resources – Employing an agency gives you the advantage of having further access to more resources than employing a small team. Typically, an agency has many employees, all of which are highly skilled.
  • Greater experience – Many agencies established for long periods. Over time they have seen many changes and adapted to them. This level of experience brings with it additional knowledge.
  • Financial – Agencies can be a lot cheaper than employing a team full time. A significant benefit of outsourcing is that you may only require them for a particular project at a specific time.
  • Employment Contracts – Having the flexibility to hire and fire an agency is also something much more manageable than terminating employee contracts. If an agency doesn’t perform or hit targets, then you can very quickly end the contract.


Again, there also some downsides too outsourcing;

  • Unfamiliar with your product – While agencies have vast experience and their knowledge of the industry runs deep. They can come up short when it comes to your product. Not understanding its diversification could mean they could get the positioning or message wrong
  • Unclear Expectations – There is always the risk that your expectations and the expectations of the agency can become confused. For example, if you’re looking to increase web traffic, then the strategy employed by the agency needs to deliver this
  • Limited Creativity – If an agency has already developed successful campaigns for companies or products similar to yours. The agency could take a ‘one size fits all’ approach and not take the time to be creative with your campaign.
  • Lack of stability and security – Handing over a part of your business to be controlled externally can leave create you feeling insecure. For example, the agency working for your company could go out of business. As well as this, you could be sharing sensitive data which could become compromised

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is great advantages and poor disadvantage of both. However, what is apparent is that both will bring you success. However, it would seem that an agency would have the capacity to deliver results quickly. Having instant access to a vast pool of resources means the set-up and execution of any campaigns will take less time.

In contrast, In-house operations will take some time to build and implement. Long-term, in-house may provide you with better results. A solid team of creative and intelligent individuals who are dedicated and proud to work for your business will deliver success.

Both methods fit a purpose. It’s dependent on you take to make the right decision for your business going forward.

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