SAP CFPI Digital Content Program

SAP has built a vast ecosystem of cloud partners who continue to distribute its cloud applications globally. SAP was looking for an agency to create a digital program that would help promote internal sales, marketing, and training and support services for its cloud partners.

SAP ISV Partner Recruitment

SAP is a Tier-one Enterprise Software vendor with a global reach.  SAP was looking for a trusted agency which could recruit partners for their North American ISV team, which would drive technology partnership discussions with ISVs headquartered in the region. 

AlertEnterprise Multi-Channel Lead Nurture Program

In order to generate a positive ROI, AlertEnterprise was looking for a bespoke lead nurture program to encompass content distribution and a light touch social and telemarketing follow-up that would nudge prospects through the marketing funnel into SQLs.

elear solutions IoT Partner Recruitment
Seeking OEM partnerships with leading Telcos from across the globe, Elear required a full marketing training program and a bespoke end-to-end OEM partner recruitment initiative. With elear being limited by budget, marketing experience and brand awareness, TPL needed to devise a program and campaign that would leave them with a tool kit for the future and a pipeline bursting with partner leads.
SAP MWC Event Drive Marketing
Knowing that the scale of an event like MWC provides incredible opportunities to meet with many Industry-leading companies, SAP sought to utilise the event in order to drive lead generation amongst larger ISVs and technology companies.
SAP France  ISV Partnership Engagement

The SAP French OEM team tasked us with finding new partners that would benefit from including SAP’s B1 solution to enhance their current offering.  We delivered by providing an array of meetings and qualified leads.

Together, we can deliver channel excellence