The CRO Growth Suite
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The greatest bands always have the best support crew....get the perfect mix with our CRO Growth Suite

The CRO Growth Suite is designed by B2B Sales & Marketing professionals to support the critical CRO team function & deliver sustainable growth.

We know you have the challenge to make your talent work as one. Together we can produce great results, by providing you with expert support across the key revenue channels.

From 12 years’ experience in building growth programs and over $1B of SAL pipeline for tech company clients, The CRO Growth Suite is designed by B2B Sales & Marketing professionals in direct support of the critical CRO team function to help deliver sustainable growth programs.

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Supporting CRO teams across the key pillars of company growth

The four pillars of the CRO Growth Suite:

As the customer journey changes rapidly in the digital economy, the evolution of your GTM model and proposition needs to stay relevant in order to maintain growth. Being independent, our team of specialist consultants can bring a valuable fresh perspective to your team, keeping you on the path to customer success. Our consultancy team provide the following services

  • Review & refine your GTM strategy
  • Align & refine your Value Proposition
  • Sales & Marketing planning
  • Adopting the Cloud Win Cycle
  • Customer success programs

TPL have supported numerous Sales & Marketing teams’ global and local growth programs, spanning direct sales & indirect revenue partner programs and generating over $1B of Sales Accepted client sales leads over the last 7 years. Leverage our team of demand generation specialists, alongside a proven DG suite & leading-edge sales execution platform Pipelyft to drive your new revenue streams.

  • A suite of proven DG services
  • Customer2Partner Expansion
  • Net New Customer Programs
  • Partner Ecosystem & Alliance programs
  • Multi-channel Digital Inbound/outbound Funnel Gen
  • Outsourced SDR teams

With the current economic downturn, budget cuts and tight resources are making it even harder to deliver growth.
Our sales engagement platform Pipelyft, is an effective way of boosting sales efficiency & performance across your entire sales organisation, and Pipelyft’s cost-effective licencing means that it’s accessible even to smaller businesses or teams with tight budgets. With an intuitive interface, structured sales sequences, and automated processes, Pipelyft enables organisations to focus on and improve their sales execution and minimise the time-sink of administration.

  • SaaS Platform swift implementation
  • Multichannel outreach
  • Prioritise, automate, and engage new customers

Save your M&A team time and money by screening organisations matched to your brief and customer acquisition profile. Built over 12 years, TPL have one of the world’s largest global datasets of SaaS & Tech companies to support M&A teams, spanning software ISVs to IT Services & multiple channel organisations.

  • M&A target profile screening
  • M&A engagement assets
  • Prospect outreach & intro meetings
Pourquoi nous choisir?

TPL Digital CRO Growth Suite has been built by sales & marketing professionals to support sales & marketing professionals, and we have supported many global and local growth programs spanning direct sales & indirect revenue partner programs.

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Talent Pool – Plug-in teams of proven experts from Marketing, Sales & Technology Tools

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Develop GTM models

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Generated over $1B of SAL client funnel

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Innovated new revenue models – Customer2Partner

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Developed teams of specialists across core growth disciplines

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Full suite of DG Services & Sales Execution platform

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